Friday, June 29, 2007

watch India Vs South Africa live

Watch India vs south africa second ODI live at
SACHIN at his best

thanks to ks for the link

and below are the highlights of Sachin's batting in the close first match enjoy!!
look at those straight drives vintage Sachin!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hillarious commercial from India!!!

Sreesanth dance !!

Sreesanths reply to Andre Nel. Gearing up for the coming cricket season.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

famous female painters from India

Let me state at the very beginning that I am more of a science person then an art peorson and rennaisance, surrealism etc etc are greek and latin to me. I have never understood mordern art with their vague and random splashes of color and people interpreting a "deeper meaning " to it in their own way. The only mordern art I liked is sand art.

Anyway this blog is not about me its about my neighbor who is from poland and has a cute 12 year old daughter who asked me about famous painters from India for a class project she was doing. I named a few I know Ravi Varma, Bapu, MF Hussain actually they were the only people I knew. And then she asked me if I Could name a female painter. I was dumbfounded I had no idea and nobody came to my mind, I have been trying to hide from her for the last two days as I didnt have an answer. So please anyone who know an answer please include the name in the comments.

From my limited knowledge of famous painters of the world I realised that there are very few female painters I know except for Monalisa (oh wait she was the painting not the painter hmmmm.)

Growing up I remember that the arts class was the girls class they enjoyed it so much painting, gluing, "chamki"Ing etc. while my greatest art creation was a black road which I had to make wider at one end to fit in a car on it and a well beside it ( I later realised that I got the extrapoints from my arts teacher because she thought the whole contraption was a helicopter dont ask me how!!). Anyways I thought girls had a penchant for art and I was rather surprised I dod not know any famous female painters form India. what is the reason for this??