Friday, August 10, 2007

Honeymoon on the moon!


Galactic Suite", is set to become the first hotel planned in space. It is  expected to open for business in 2012 and would allow guests to travel around the world in 80 minutes.!!

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IBarcelona-based architects say the space hotel will be the most expensive in the galaxy, costing $4 million (1.98 million pounds) for a three-day stay.During that time guests would see the sun rise 15 times a day and use Velcro suits to crawl around their pod rooms by sticking themselves to the walls like Spiderman.

Company director Xavier Claramunt says the three-bedroom boutique hotel's joined up pod structure, which makes it look like a model of molecules, was dictated by the fact that each pod room had to fit inside a rocket to be taken into space.An American company intent on colonising Mars, which sees Galaxy Suite as a first step, has since come on board, and private investors from Japan, the United States and the United Arab Emirates are in talks.

If Claramunt is secretive about the identity of his generous backer, he is more forthcoming about the customer he can expect."We have calculated that there are 40,000 people in the world who could afford to stay at the hotel. Whether they will want to spend money on going into space, we just don't know."

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